Host an Intern

Non-profit organizations seeking to host an intern will need to apply to a Merced County Request for Quote (RFQ). After the RFQ application and approval, youth that have applied and have been selected by county staff will be referred to the non-profits for their approval. The County of Merced intermittently opens up RFQs, so please continue to check the following County of Merced website:

Common Questions

What am I required to do as a non-profit organization?

You will commit to providing substantial work opportunities to young adults facing high barriers to employment. In addition to employment opportunities, you are expected to:

  • Provide professional development and guidance to each Intern
  • Introduce Interns to at least two non-profit leaders who will provide a personal description of their career journey, provide career development advice, and provide ongoing mentorship.
  • Complete a Worknet-hosted workshop on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion that will educate you on the barriers the Interns face, tenets of equity and diversity, and present to you concrete ways of supporting your Intern’s career development.
  • How much will I receive per Intern hosted?

    For every intern you support, you will receive up to $1,200. These funds will be dispersed in the following manner:

  • $400 at the completion of 40 hours of work by the Intern.
  • $400 at the completion of 50% of the agreed and contracted hours of the Intern.
  • $400 at the successful completion of the agreed and contracted hours.
  • *Successful completion of the Fellowship also includes the intern gaining meaningful and full time employment, regardless of being able to complete his/her agreed and contracted hours.
  • Is there a limit of Interns per non-profit organization?

    Eligible non-profits may receive up to $24,000 in assistance for hosting interns. The total number of interns is dependent on a case-by-case basis review of the non-profits’ ability to provide substantial, meaningful, and long-term work opportunities.